The advantages of the Shari'a economic system are not only recognized by experts in countries where the majority of the population is Muslim.  The resilience of the sharia economic system to the impact of the global financial crisis has opened the eyes of world economic experts.  In the retail sector, customers and banks share the risk of all investments in accordance with agreed regulations and share the financials obtained.

 Shari'ah financial management affects the community because with shari'ah products, the community is safer and more comfortable because shari'ah financial management touches the real sector more.


 1. understanding sharia managemen

Managementin Arabic is called idara.  Idara is taken from the words adartasy-syai or the words adarta bihi can also be based on the word ad-Dauran.  Language observation evaluates the second word taking, namely adarta bihi.  Therefore, in Elijah Modern Distionary English Arabic the word management (English), is equivalent to the words tabdir, idarah, siyasah, and qiyadah in Arabic.  In the Qur'an, these themes are only found in tabdir themes in various derivatives.  Tabdir is a form of masdar and verb dabbara, ydabbiru, tabdiran.  Tabdir means publishing, organizing, managing, planning and preparingn

Inerms, as an observer understands as a tool to realize general goals.  Therefore, according to them, Idarah (management) is a special activity involving leadership, direction, personal development, planning and supervision of work related to the main elements in a project.  Objectives are targeted results that can be achieved in an effective and efficient way.

Based on the descriptions above, it can be implicitly known that the nature of management contained in the Qur'an is to contemplate or look forward to an affair (personal) so that the personel is praiseworthy and has good consequences.  To get to that essence, it is necessary to regulate in a wise way.

According to Didin and Hendri, management is said to have fulfilled the Shariah if:

a.  mementinngkan behavior related to the values ​​of faith and monotheism;

b.  attach importance to the organizational structure;

c.  discuss system problems.  This system is structured so that the behavior of the perpetrators in it runs well.  Umar bin Abdul Aziz's system of government, for example, is one of the best.  This system is related to planning, organization, and control, Islam also has taught long before the concept was born, which is learned as western-style management.  According to Karebet and Yusanto, Shari'ah views management from the following two sides:

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a.  management as a science

 as a science, management is seen as one of the general sciences born based on empirical facts that are not related to any value, civilization (hadhara).

As a science, management is something that is free of value or legal in origin.  Consequently, anyone has not learned.  Imam Al-Ghazali in his book, Ihya Ulumuddin, the Science chapter divides knowledge into categories based on the dose of obligation, namely:

1) knowledge which is categorized as fard, ain, including Arabic tsaqofah sciences, nahawiyah sirah, ulumul Qur’an, ulumul hadith, commentaries, etc.

2) knowledge which is categorized as fardhu kifayah, among others, knowledge that must be learned by one or as a Muslim.  The sciences included in this category are life sciences which include science and technology and skills, such as chemistry, biology, physics, medicine, agriculture, engineering, and management.

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b.  management as an activity

as an activity, management is seen as a charity that will be held accountable before Allah SWT.  So it must be bound to the provisions of shara, values, and Islamic hadhara.  In the realm of activities, Islam sees management as a necessity that is always in facilitating the implementation of Islam in the personal, family and community needs.  The implementation of tangible values ​​of Islam in the functioning of Islam as a principle of thought, creed and sharia is functioned as the principle and basis of thought.  As for the principles of charity, shari'ah functioned as a benchmark (standard) deeds.

 By measuring the shari'ah every Muslim is able to distinguish clearly and decisively regarding whether or not halal the action of a managerial activity that will be carried out.  He will continue the halal activities, while the illicit will be abandoned to reach the pleasure of Allah SWT.

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